Abkhazia Trekking in the Mountains

Abkhazia Hiking and relaxation
How to get there By train to Adler. Or by plane to Adler (Sochi airport), then take a minibus or Aeroexpress train to the railway station (to the group meeting place). The meeting with the instructor will take place on the first day of the trip to Adler at the railway station to 12:00 p.m.

Hike coordinator – Angela We chose this hike because we used to travel light, preferring water tourism, and were right: our impressions were above all expectations. The hike itself is very diverse and does not give a reason to get bored: it includes hours-long walks through meadows, forests and mountains with stunning views, and the opportunity to swim in the cleanest streams, waterfalls and lakes, and an optional horse ride, and radials with rock climbing and speleology elements optionally, visiting abandoned objects, rafting on catamarans on a stormy river, and regular tasting of local cuisine (not rich, but colorful), and ethnographically remarkable moments of communication with local residents (shepherd philosophers, working women catering services, invisible knife and ax workers who make lightning raids on tourist camps), and after the mountains – an excursion program on Lake Ritsa and in New Athos. In general, a full range of entertainment.

-WORK OF INSTRUCTors Lesha and Olya are simply beyond praise. Lesha is a tireless traveler who knows the area better than the natives and constantly offers the group options to choose from. Olya is an excellent organizer, very kind and responsive (I don’t understand how she manages to combine this). Thank you KP for the excellent construction of all processes.

PRACTICAL POINTS: The temperature was comfortable day and night. There were no mosquitoes. Shoes need strong, but tall shoes will be difficult to carry, ordinary hard sneakers are enough. From the recommended set, only mosquito repellents, waterproof pants, and gaiters did not come in handy, but we were lucky with the weather (there was only one rain), and it was really unpredictable there. It is possible with children, if they are not capricious, and it is possible not only for young people, if you easily walk or run 20 km on flat terrain, then you can also walk 10 km in the mountains. We used tracking poles (one per person), so we weren’t too tired.

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