Adygea Trekking in the Mountains

Picture 2 - Horse riding

If you have never been to the Caucasus, you should definitely fix it. And you can start with a hike in Adygea. This is a great way to combine the most interesting and exciting types of outdoor activities. Indeed, on this route you can not only conquer high mountains, but also go down into deep caves, try yourself as a rock climber, and also connect with the water element during rafting. And of course, the charm of the natural beauty of the Caucasus region will accompany you everywhere.

The first part: rafting on the river, Rufabgo waterfalls / Hadzhokh gorge, descent into the cave

1st day

In the morning we are going to the railway station of the city of Krasnodar. Rest in Adygea for us begins precisely from here. Then we go to the village of Guzeripl, located near the Caucasian reserve named after H. G. Shapovnikov. After this, we will have a rafting trip along the Belaya River and the second day trip: this time to the incredible waterfalls of Rufabgo / Hadzhokh Gorge. Having walked enough in such a legendary place, we again board our vehicles and get to the Lagonaki Highlands. To be more precise – to the ridge of Azish-Tau (its height is 1600 meters). Here we stop for the night.

Find out more about the reserve here

2nd day

Mountain romance begins, for which many people love tours to Adygea. Sunrise cooked at the stake breakfast. First, we will visit the Azish Cave excursion. Then, when we collect all the things in the camp, we go to the checkpoint in the Caucasus Nature Reserve. We will walk along the road, along the way we will enjoy a magnificent view of the Lago-Naki plateau with its meadows and islands of eternal snow. We will not stop at the reserve immediately, but we will spend the night here. Today we have a dinner program with gatherings and a second overnight in tents.

Second part: passes and climbing to Fisht

3rd day

The beginning of the transition. Almost immediately, we find ourselves in a different climate zone with subalpine meadows, karst funnels, and rare plants. Many of them are listed in the Red Book. A panorama of the Fisht-Oshtenovsky mountain junction will open before your eyes.

We have to overcome simple passes from the east of Oshten: “Guzeripl” and “Armenian” 1900 and 1866 m, respectively. Then we will go down to the valley of the Belaya River, already familiar to us. This time we will spend the night at the Fisht Tour Shelter.

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