Base Horizon Hiking in the Mountains

Three-day rest in the mountains

The guys from the Horizon Travel Club are well known in the Pacific State University – they are active, inclined to travel and discoveries, not afraid of difficulties and are always ready to do what others only dream of.

So, from October 30 to November 5, they conquered the caves of the famous Lozovy Range.

Lozovy Range, located near the city of Nakhodka (Primorsky Territory), is covered in myths about mysterious rituals, hidden treasures and missing expeditions. No wonder its former name “Chandalaz” is translated as “Divine Mountain”.

Chandalaz is an ancient reef massif that rose from the seabed more than 20 million years ago. Its height is 760 meters, and its length is 7 kilometers.

In the campaign, the “horizon” visited both the famous Solyanik and other Chandalaza caves. Among them are Malaya, Bear Fang, Through and the cave with the poetic and mysterious name “Dream of the caver”.

About the features of the trip we were told by its direct organizer and leader Konstantin Ryabinkin.

– Why did you decide to go on a caving trip?

– The fact is that caving is the most suitable type of tourism for the fall, when it is no longer hot on the street for daytime crossings, but also not cold for spending the night in summer tents. In addition, after the open door day that we spent at Horizon on September 18, many newcomers joined us. Sixteen people went to Chandalaz, including experienced “horizon men”, to lead them, for example, on a hiking trip would be quite problematic. Caving is easier in that there is one base camp for several days. The planned exits to the mountains are made, after which people return back to the camp. It is very convenient and allows you to quickly join the tourist life.

– What attracted you to Chandalaz?

– We chose Chandalaz for the trip, because this route is the most interesting in technical terms. Here, in a relatively small space, there are caves with different categories of difficulty (the “category of difficulty” of the caves depends on the duration of the journey, the number of obstacles on the route and their complexity. – Ed.). Therefore, this hike was interesting for both beginners and already held tourists, everyone found a cave to suit themselves.

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