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He tried for a long time to understand why I was drawn to the mountains again and again, not having time to unpack the backpack from the previous trip. I think they go to the mountains for solitude and loneliness, for getting rid of the stupid experiences and problems that torment us in the city bustle, and also flee from the philosophical and everyday aspects related to the meaningless search for the meaning of life.

It may seem trite, but in fact it is exactly what attracts us to the mountain peaks – this is solitude with our personal God. Step by step, you rethink your life – again and again, with each ascent and descent. You rub your heels, you bend under a heavy backpack, without water, and a little higher – and without air. And it is in this extreme mode that you want to live. Not in the office, as plankton, but there, high in the mountains, when you proudly look down.

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1. Fann Mountains – this is a unique mountain region, which is located in the heart of the Pamir-Alai, and is part of the Zeravshan Range of the endless mountains of Tajikistan, stretching for many hundreds of kilometers. Most of these mountains are remembered for their insane and incredibly wild beauty of the lakes with turquoise water and juniper thickets, impregnable cliffs and spiky peaks of five thousandths, framed on top by snowy ice caps.

2. The second night on Lake Aluadin, located at an altitude of 2800 m. Here I met the first sunrise, which simply fascinated me.

3. With the arrival of tourists in these places, local residents have a new tradition – to meet and accompany tourist groups to the mountains with folk dances.

4. Packed. We are waiting for the release of the group.

5. Before the ascent, we stopped at the bazaar and bought very cheap and tasty watermelons and melons. There were so many of them that we not only ate and drank them, but also washed them.


7. In Fans are peaks that exceed five thousand meters. The highest peak is Chimtarga (5489m), the other five-thousandths are Bodhona (5138), Chapdara (5050), Great Hansa (5306m), Little Hansa (5031m), Castle (5070m), Mirali (5132m), Energy (5120m).


9. The little highlander. He had an ancient mobile phone working in the mountains, and my phone with two SIM cards did not see the network.

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