Carpathians Organized Trekking Mountains

May holidays in the Carpathians

September 18 – September 23

You will remember the trekking along the highest ridge in the Carpathians with bewitching landscapes, an incredible starry sky, the most delicious spring …

September 21 – September 28

A shortened version of a hike along the eastern part of the Lycian trail. Only 8 days and all the most interesting: 2 canyons, Mount Olympus, 2 reserves …

September 21 – October 2

Amazing country: very warm, full of exotic plants, incredible landscapes and many viewing platforms! …

October 1 – October 1

Hike to Hoverla in one day, at any time of the year. Professional Guides who practically live on Hoverla, we drive trips to Hoverla …

October 1 – October 7

Where else do you want to go? Are you interested in history, traditional food or beautiful landscapes? Do you want to see ancient architecture or the endless ridges of mountains at sunset, swim in the warm sea or ascend to the blue ice of a thousand-year-old glacier.

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