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It is located on the left-bank terrace of the Katun rivers in the low mountains of Altai. 110 km from the city of Biysk, 25 km, from the city of Gorno-Altaysk in the Altai region of the Altai Territory, 500 meters from the highway M-52 “Chuysky tract”. Located in a mixed forest on the southern slope of the mountain, along the road with. Aya – “Turquoise Katun”, mostly hidden from prying eyes.

A cozy, family atmosphere, varied and informative excursions, a convenient location (places of entertainment nearby), fairly affordable prices, allowed the base to gain a stable good reputation among amateurs to combine outdoor activities during the day with leisure at discos or small cafes in the evening.

The total number of seats 104. The distance from the tape bridge across the river. Katun – 400 m., To about. Aya – 600 m., From the “Altai Valley” with an artificial lake 500m, to the new bridge over the river. Katun 2 km. The base is located in the coverage area of ​​mobile operators MTS, Beeline, Megafon. Within a radius of 300 meters you will find a bus station, a taxi rank, rental of mokikas and bicycles, a shooting gallery, as well as hostels “Oda”, “Rusich”, “Iveria”, “Lesovicek”, “Altan”, “Empire of Tourism”. In addition, there are a large number of “offices” offering their services for conducting excursions in the Altai Mountains and rafting on the river. Katun.

The tour desk of the hostel will offer you a very diverse stay. For you alloys on the river. Katun twice a day on several ships. Walking, car and combined trips with upscale certified guides-guides with experience in hiking the highest categories of complexity. These are specialists with interesting information and who know how to share it with the guests of the base, as well as owning photo and filming techniques.

Until 2006, the camp site was called “Shambhala.” Since the 2007 season, the camp site has been divided into two. “Shambhala B” and “Shambhala K” appeared on the initial letters of the names of the owners – Bolotov and Kashnikov.

Each Shambhala has its own administration, its guides, its parking lots, kitchens, baths, its own rules and its favorite color – Shambhala B has blue, Shambhala K has green.


We offer accommodation in two-story comfortable cottages (amenities for 2 rooms), in partially landscaped and unfinished summer houses.

The price includes: actually staying in the room, using the parking lot, kitchen for self-cooking, a cell in the safe for valuables, a dryer for clothes and shoes, showers with hot water from 12-00 to 22-00

The duration of your stay at the base can be 2, 5, 7, 9, 14, etc. days. Arrivals and departures are carried out weekly on Fridays and Sundays, only a small part of the rooms are sold outside this rule.

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