Hiking – a test of choice, regardless of gender, for those tested 11-12 years old, 40-59 years old at 5 km, 13-17 years old and 30-39 years old at 10 km, 18-29 years old 15 km.

To pass the TRP test on a camping trip, a participant must master certain skills, be able to navigate in an unfamiliar area, properly pack a backpack, make a fire, set up a tent, overcome obstacles.

Orientation in the area is the ability to determine your location using a map, compass, the position of the Sun and stars and other methods, being in an open area or in a forest. Obstacles that you need to be able to overcome are deep ravines, water barriers, mountain passes, swamps . It is important to be able to maintain balance, overcoming a water barrier on a log, use safety ropes. To this end, overcoming obstacle courses of varying difficulty is included in the training process before the hike.

Among the tourists’ skills, great importance is attached to the ability to provide first aid when a trainee receives injuries, burns, frostbite, or damage to his health and transporting the victim to a safe place on a makeshift stretcher.

At a halt, a tourist is faced with the need to light a fire in rainy weather, set up a tent, cook food in the field, put out the fire, leaving the resting place, observing fire safety rules. The tent should be light, waterproof and durable, assembled without folds, securely strengthened.

Testing is jointly conducted by the representative of the TRP test commission and a professional arbiter for the competition of tourists. Tests are usually passed by a mixed male and female team of several people, which makes it possible to check the interaction of all team members.

Testing of tourist skills includes: cross-country skiing to a distance of 0.5 km, climbing a slope up to 30 m long, overcoming a water barrier or ravine along a log that was transported, transporting an injured team member, lighting a fire in adverse conditions, setting up a tent, tying rope knots and finish cross up to 200 m.

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