Hoverla Mountain Hiking

Meeting at the station

The highest mountain in Ukraine is Goverla. She is also the most popular. You can climb Hoverla in just 1 day. So many do. I advise you to spend a little more time getting to know the Carpathians. The summit (especially such as Goverla), conquered at the end of a long journey, is perceived in a completely different way. You value it much higher, and understand it much better. Yes, and you will perceive yourself no longer as a spa man on excursions, but as a hero – a conqueror of peaks. In this campaign, besides Goverla, we will try to conquer Mount Petros (2020 m) – its steep slope will make us sweat a little.

Ivano-Frankivsk – Kvasy – Sheshul – Petros (2020m) – Goverla (2061m) – Kozmeshchik – Lazeshchyna – Ivano-Frankivsk.

Share with your friends 1 day. Ivano-Frankivsk, Kvasy, Menchul.

Meeting at the station in Ivano-Frankivsk. Moving to the village of Kvasy, famous for its healing mineral springs. One of them will meet on our way up. On a winding dirt path, we slowly rise above the valley. Gradually, the beech forest gives way to alpine meadows – meadows. Over the Menchul valley, we will go to the northern slope of Mount Sheshul, where we will spend the night at one of the many streams.

2 day. Sheshul, Petros (2020m), jumper.

A serpentine road climbs up the Sheshul pass. From here we will see the Montenegrin ridge for the first time – the highest mountain range in the Ukrainian Carpathians. On the contrary, Romania is already visible, more precisely the Romanian mountains. The road leaves the pass down, we are not on the road. We turn onto the trail running along the ridge of the ridge towards Petros – one of the highest peaks in Ukraine. At the very top is a small chapel and a cross, which happens in the Carpathians quite often. A rather steep path leads down to the jumper between Petros and Goverla (I recommend everyone to get a reliable stick in advance or buy folding trekking poles). On the jumper there are convenient places for an overnight stay, which will be very useful.

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