Mountain Hiking Boots

Hiking boots

Not only the amount of pleasure received when walking depends on the quality and wear resistance of shoes, but also the health of its owner. After a few hours of walking in uncomfortable shoes, corns can form that can turn into an open abscess. It is clear that a tourist with such an injury will not be able to maintain the pace of movement of the group, which can lead to the departure of the entire group from the route. Therefore, remember, not only your health depends on the choice of shoes, but also the success of the entire group along the route!

So where better to buy hiking shoes?

It is clear that shoes are better – the better they are. It is one thing to go for a walk from the house for half an hour to the nearest park and quite another to go on mountainous terrain for days. In such conditions, your “urban” sneakers run the risk of simply not surviving until the end of the trip.

Therefore, the place of purchase of shoes should be approached wisely. As you know, in the bazaars, high-quality shoes are almost impossible to meet and should not be tempted by their cheapness. Remember the saying: “Avaricious pays twice” or “I’m not so rich that I would buy cheap things”? Buying shoes at the bazaar you risk coming in a week to come for a new pair of sneakers.

It is best to buy hiking shoes in sports stores (available in stocks), and even better in specialized tourist stores, where all the shoes on offer are already designed for hiking.

What shoes are best for hiking?

The inner surface of the boot must be specially treated in order to breathe and absorb sweat well. This is achieved using special moisture-absorbing insoles, and breathable inner coatings. Of the natural materials used for the interior decoration of shoes, flax is optimal.

In new models, the inner liner is made of synthetic material such as GoreTexT. Such shoes will be warm and dry in almost any circumstance. Such materials are “breathable”, they remove sweat outside, thereby preventing sweating of the legs and, at the same time, due to the membrane structure, they prevent rain or other water from entering the boot from the street.

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