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Mountain hiking in Terskey Alatau

Report on hiking with a backpack and tent in the Rondane National Park and the surrounding area, Norway, with a child (1 year 3 months) Oslo – Trondheim train

Nature The main part of our route passed through the tundra zone. The average height was about 1000 mnum, the maximum – 1436 mnum. The route descended several times into river valleys and climbed the mountains between them. We crossed the small but beautiful mountain range of Rondane, where several peaks are closely located, with a height of more than 2000 mnum, the highest point is Mount Rondslottet (2178 mnum). These mountains are in some kind of “rain shadow”, obscured by higher mountains both from the sea and from the north. Therefore, in winter there is relatively little snow, and Rondane is one of the first among the 2000+ mountains to become passable. In July, this is not so relevant, but in June – in principle. For the same reason, there are no glaciers.

). Report by day Day 1. Art. Hjerkinn – Hageseter – along the Gautåe River – at the foot of the Gråhøe Mountain Day 2. Pass under the Gråhøe Mountain – Gorge of the Tverråe River – Grimsdalen Hut and Grimsdalshytta Hut – Gravhøeler Valley – Daler Valley – Daler Valley Bergedalen Valley – Pass under the Rondslottet Mountain – Langglupdalen Valley Day 5. Langglupdalen Valley – Bjørnhollia Hut – Slopes of the Blåkollen Mountain Day 6. Vulutjønna Lakes – Crossroads at the Eldåbua Hut – Slopes of the Grååaläenden Mountain Day 7. Mount Mu Dørmyrin – waterfall Dørfallet – waterfall Myfallet – ur. Døramot – Døra River Valley

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