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Our veteran, teammate, honorary member of the Federation Vladimir Sychev turned 70 years old! Volodya has dozens of mountain hikes and ascents, the Dmitrov flag in Volodya’s hands more than once fluttered on top of Elbrus, on top of Kazbek and Belukha! On behalf of all members of the Sports Tourism Federation of Dmitrovsky district, we heartily congratulate you on your Anniversary! We wish you good health, strength of spirit, new heights, new victories and achievements! We are equal to you and proud of you!

Hi friends! We are in Bishkek for the second day, everything is great, tasty, unforgettable … :) Dima V. spent at the airport, I’ll fly off tomorrow .., someone will go on traveling ..) The trip turned out, everyone is happy, passed 3 passes 2A and 4 – 1B. The Kyrgyz ridge has left a lasting impression, I will be back here again someday in the coming years ..)

Friends! today we see off our team-mates to the Pamir mountain: Sasha Fefelova, Sergey Kurakov and Olga Romantsova. Who has the opportunity, come to Dmitrov station at 15.45.

For those who were at the Festival of Tourists, we recall how it was. For those who were not – we look at what we missed, envy and come for next year. Fantastic video from and Fedosov.

Another rally of tourists Korolev, traditionally at a high level, has passed. Thanks to the organizers and the judge – a huge job! Thanks to everyone who came and supported the guys from Dmitrov in such difficult weather conditions. And, of course, thanks to everyone who took part from the DCT and the Federal Tariff Service of the Dmitrovsky district. Congratulations to all the winners and participants, the main thing all the same is participation! Now you can switch right to preparing for the summer campaigns! Photos from the rally in the album

Any adventure is worth it, if there is someone to remember about it. And with these priceless guys, the adventures were unforgettable! Thank you, my good, for every “30 minutes” of our trip! :)

May 21-22, 2016 – MO Championship in mountain tourism technology in Tuchkovo-Polushkino. This coming Thursday, in a lesson, an overview of the conditions of classes 2 and 3. Everyone who plans to participate as members of a bunch or in a group of fans, please come to the lesson on Thursday May 19th.

Today is a great day friends. Exactly 4 years ago, on April 12, 2012, at a meeting of sports tourism veterans of the Dmitrovsky district, a decision was made to organize a Federation and a club. A year and a half later, on September 26, 2013, the Federation was officially registered. So little has passed, and so much has been done and so much remains to be done and done! Hooray friends!

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