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The city of Mezhdurechensk is located in Mountain Shoria at the confluence of the rivers Usa and Tomi in a unique natural corner of Kuzbass and is one of the centers of ski tourism in the Siberian region.

Tourists are waiting for the hotel – “Sunrise”, “Yugus”, “Robinson”, sanatorium “Solnechny”. The sports complex “Fantasia” and the sanatorium “Romantika”, with a small ski slope for beginners on the slopes of Mount Sosnovaya, are located in a forest zone in the vicinity of the city. The season lasts from late November to mid-April.

There are two mountains for skiing:

Mount Yugus (twin-chairlift and two ski lifts, length of tracks up to 2000m, drop 375m). tel. (8-38-475) 4-53-22. In the immediate vicinity of the funicular is a comfortable hotel “Sunrise”. More information on the page of MU “Center of winter sports”.

Sosnovaya Mountain (health resort “Romantika” tel. (8-38-475) 4-26-34, one ski-lift, track length 400m, drop 100m).

Fans of mountain and hiking can go to the Celestial Teeth – the main peaks of the Kuznetsk Alatau.

“Celestial Teeth” is the only complex of tourist shelters in Russia located along a 100-km-long ring, which allows you to make active tours of varying complexity, as well as radial exits, resting in comfortable, chopped taiga houses equipped with a dining room and a bathhouse. At all tourist shelters of the Celestial Teeth complex, there are always comprehensive service workers who are ready at any time to accept and place the group, as well as provide emergency assistance. All shelters are equipped with radio communications with the base complex “Gaidarovets”.

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