Tourism in the Altai Mountains

Ecological tourism in Gorny

At the moment, positive changes are taking place in the Altai Mountains in the field of ecological tourism. The authorities realized the importance of developing this segment of the economy for the region: the planned development of tourism without harming the environment will improve the image of the region in the world, attract foreign capital, create new jobs not only in tourism, but also in related industries (transport, hotels, medicine, education )

In recent years, the tourism industry and infrastructure has been actively developing in Altai, special economic zones of a tourist-recreational type are being created. However, it is important to remember that tourists to this region are attracted, for the most part, by unique mountain landscapes with nature that is not disturbed by human activity. It is these recreational resources that are the most important condition for the further development of tourism in the Altai Mountains. Therefore, the main task is, first of all, to preserve the region’s natural values.

In this regard, the development of ecological tourism in the Altai Mountains, which allows combining the interests of business and environmental protection, is of particular relevance. Ecotourism is a real alternative to mass outdoor activities. Properly organized ecological tours and routes make a significant contribution to the protection of Altai wildlife and the development of local settlements.

For the planned development of ecological tourism in the Altai Mountains, some recommendations have been developed.

First of all, it is necessary to establish a transport network in the region. The geographical features of the region led to the development of mainly two types of transport: road (more than 90% of all modes of transport) and aviation. Rail transport in view of the relief of the Altai Mountains is virtually absent. Up to 10% of settlements do not have roads at all.

One of the most important tasks of road-operating organizations is to ensure year-round uninterrupted traffic to all settlements. The total length of dirt roads in the region is 2127 kilometers, and 351 settlements do not have access to the district center on paved roads. The situation is aggravated by the fact that in the spring due to weather and climate …

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