Travel to the mountains

Travel to the mountains of the Caucasus

Today’s winter evening, we will go on a trip to the May Carpathians. To the land where real Hutsuls live. But first, I would like to tell you a story about a real Hutsul, thanks to which I ended up in these beautiful lands. So, our hero Roman was born and raised in the Carpathian lands. Like most boys, he was fond of skiing and almost became the champion of Ukraine. Now he is a ski instructor, by the way, thanks to this he met his Belarusian love. In the summer, Roma invests in construction projects, the tourism business, is engaged in the export of clothing to neighboring countries, in general, like any Ukrainian, he does not sit still. As a patriot of his country, he participated in the Orange Revolution and personally knew Comrade Yushchenko. I spent an amazing week visiting Roma, met wonderful and kind people who were not spoiled by modern civilization …

1. Our hero Roman, like a real Hutsul, is washing himself in an ice mountain river.

The first thing that surprised was the scale of the villages, or rather, the scope. The village of Yablunitsa, where we stayed with Aunt Romana, is located 30 kilometers from the famous ski resort Yaremcha and stretches for tens of kilometers in the mountains. The Carpathian village and the ordinary village have one significant difference – this is the distance between the houses. You can visit a neighbor, for example, on Monday morning, and return on Wednesday or Thursday in the evening. These are the local scales. Yes, yes, sometimes the path can lie through hills, cliffs, mountain rivers, and despite the fact that you have walked 3-5 km in the mountains, the path greatly exhausts even a local resident, because this is equivalent to at least 20 km in flat terrain. Therefore, if guests have already come, be so kind as to set the table! We felt the hospitality of local residents all the time, and after a week of stay all my bad misconceptions about the Hutsuls were dispelled. At this place it is worth staying in more detail.

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