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Many of our friends and acquaintances have long dreamed of going on a trip to Lake Baikal on their own or in an organized tour. Anya and I somehow without hesitation got together and went!)) The lack of big money did not hurt, the main thing was time!

I think it’s not necessary to motivate you with what makes this place interesting. The deepest lake in the world, the largest source of fresh water – it’s all about it! The length of Lake Baikal is 636 km, and its width is from 27 km in the narrowest place to 81 km in the widest. Most of the coastline is nature reserves, national parks, and nature reserves. It is believed that the lake arose under the influence of tectonic processes, there is even a controversial statement that Baikal is the most ancient lake on the planet! Baikal water is very clean and transparent, especially in spring, until algae and other microorganisms begin to bloom. Such water can be drunk without fear (of course, if there is no pulp and paper mill nearby). The average annual water temperature is +4 degrees, and in summer the water in the bays in shallow water warms up to 20-22 degrees.

Add to this the ethnic flavor, shamanistic places and rites, sacred monuments for many peoples of Asia and get a great idea where to spend your next vacation!

We wrote a short instruction, where we answer the basic questions related to independent travel to Lake Baikal.

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1. When to go?

The climate on Lake Baikal is special, for example, in the summer it is colder on the lake than in Irkutsk, and warmer in winter. This place is characterized by severe long winters and short summers, as well as strong winds. The driest place on Lake Baikal is Olkhon Island, and besides, it is still very sunny and warm in the summer. But the southeastern coast is considered the rainiest place in the Khamar-Daban ridge.

Here, as always, much depends on the purpose of the trip. If you want to go fishing, swim in the icy water of the lake, go trekking in the surrounding mountains, then it is best to go in July-August. This is the only two months of the year when it is relatively warm on Lake Baikal. In June, the water is not warmed enough even in the Small Sea, and in the northern regions of the lake the ice can melt only by the end of May!

In the first half of September it gets a little colder (it can be much colder at night), most people go home, and you can enjoy unity with nature, walking along the sandy beach of Olkhon or arriving in the Chivyrkuisky Bay.

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