Trekking in the Ural Mountains

Through three reserves of the Urals

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Duration – 14 days

Kilometers – 200 km

Difficulty – Medium

Cost: $ 250

The nearest dates:

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In this campaign in the Northern Urals, we will first visit the infamous Dyatlov Pass, where in 1959 a group of tourists died under mysterious circumstances. The reasons for their death are still the subject of heated debate. Further, passing through the harsh but picturesque Ural ridges in absolutely wild places, we will find ourselves on the famous plateau Manpupuner – or “Navel of the Earth”. Here, in an inaccessible area, there is a real miracle of nature – giant stone idols, about which the local population of Mansi has laid down legends. Ancient stone sculptures the height of a 15-story house are amazing! No wonder Manpupuner is considered one of the 7 wonders of Russia. Many secrets, mysteries and meetings with the beauties of amazing untouched nature await us on a hike along the Ural Mountains to the Dyatlova Pass and the Manpupuner Plateau!

Day 1. Train to Ivdel

Our trip to the Urals will begin in Yekaterinburg. In addition to the train, Yekaterinburg can also be reached with the Pobeda low-cost airline. The group will meet with the instructor at the railway station. Next, take train number 337 to Ivdel-1 station (date:, departure time: 16:06 local – 14:06 Moscow). Tickets must be bought by each participant in advance on their own!

Day 2. Auspius

In the early morning we will arrive in Ivdel, where we transfer to four-wheel drive and get to the ford across the Auspiya river. Transfer takes 7-8 hours. We cross the river and go upstream to the “parking with a spoon.” Here will be our first night.

Day 3. Dyatlov Pass

Today we have to climb the Dyatlov Pass – the tragic place of the death of a group of tourists from the Ural Polytechnic Institute. The memorial plaque installed here tells about this event. Next – climb to Mount Kholotchahl, from where we will go along the ridge in the direction of Mount Otorten. We spend the night on the shore of the glacial lake Lunthusaptur (“Lake of the Lonely Goose”) near the source of the Lozva River.

Day 4. Mount Otorten

We go further along the ridge in the middle of the boundless Ural taiga. Climbing Mount Otorten 1234 m or Lunt-Khusap-Syakhyl, which is translated from Mansi means “Goose Nest Mountain”. Then we pass two more mountains – Yanyghachehahl and Shchebenki. For the night we will stop at the headwaters of the Sulpa River.

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