Trekking to Kachkanar Mountain

Trekking to Kachkanar Mountain

Just recently went to Kolpaki and Kachkanar:

Timokha (11 years old) with her parents – Uncle Dima and Aunt Anya, Antokha (11 years old) with her parents – Uncle Igor and Aunt Tanya-ya (11 years old) and Arisha (7 years old) with her parents – Papa Timofey and mother Galina-Lera ( 10 years) and Daria (3 years) with her parents – Uncle Leva and Aunt Roza-Ulyana (10 years) with her parents – Uncle Misha and Aunt Lena, Aunt Tanya.

So began my diary about a trip to Kolpaki and Kachkanar my 11-year-old son Michael. In a boyish way, without a lyrical prologue. I use the parental right to insert comments.

The company gathered big and noisy. All of us once somewhere went hiking together somewhere, but so, to get together with such a fun company is a rarity. Forever, someone can’t, someone doesn’t want, and here 18 people have gathered. Of these, 7 are schilopop children. More about children.

Timoshin hiking experience is very rich. Still would! With such parents both on thresholds, and on spurs. In short, a seasoned person.

Anton, too, does not bast. I’ve visited a lot, I’ve seen a lot. A little more on rafting than in the mountains, but the mountains are more attractive.

Misha is a traveling philosopher, will endure any hardships and will not make a noise, – a person, although not an adult, but reliable.

Arinka is an Energizer battery, it covers kilometers – you can’t catch up. She almost left the capricious age.

Lera – an athlete – the experience of Vishera, by the way, is very successful.

Daria is a teapot. Agree, becoming a teapot in 3 years is an honor. In such a large company is not scary. If Dad’s strong shoulders and neck get tired, there are other uncles nearby, also with shoulders and necks. In short, you can sit down at any time and not get down.

Ulyana is a guide. Who can be more valuable in a group if the group goes without a compass (forgotten) for three whole days? And also due to the fact that Ulyana is traveling, we must be lucky with the weather. A month ago, he and dad Misha heroically wandered on foot across the ice of the Koiva channel with a catamaran across (the river on the Pervomaysky rafting did not open), a week froze in the wind under snow. Now it’s just going to be sunny and warm – there’s no mean thing twice in a row.

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