Altai Mountains Mountain Trekking

Altai. Darashkol. Day 4

A pregnant resident of Krasnoyarsk went to travel along the mountain peaks of Aktru on the North Chuy ridge of the Altai Republic. As a result, she needed urgent medical care, which is why rescuers had to use a helicopter, the press service of the Republican Ministry of Emergencies said.

The woman was in the second month of pregnancy. She arrived in the mountains as part of an amateur group unregistered with rescuers. Under the influence of an alpine climate (altitude 2, 2 thousand meters above sea level), a woman bleeding and premature birth. Her urgent evacuation to the hospital was required. The distance to the nearest hospital is 90 kilometers, of which 30 kilometers are in mountainous and wooded areas. Rescuers on a stretcher transported a woman down from the mountains, then, accompanied by a doctor, they evacuated her on an Mi-8 helicopter. Emergencies Ministry specialists remind tourists: when preparing for a trip, get ready, equip yourself, tell your search and rescue service about your trip. This is not insured for 100% of accidents, but rescuers will certainly instruct tourists, tell about the features and dangers of mountain travel, take the group under control, and determine communication methods. Only in the event of an alarm, searches and assistance can be organized immediately. In addition, tourists are asked to adequately assess the dangers and difficulties of the route, their health and physical fitness. You must have a means of communication with you (mobile, satellite phones, radio station).

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