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Upon the death of an 11-year-old child appointed pre-investigation check


The boy from Biysk died in the Altai Mountains during an equestrian campaign – the investigating authorities began an inquiry into the tragedy, reported on Wednesday, May 25, in the administration of the Investigative Committee for the Republic of Altai.

The department notes that on May 14, an 11-year-old boy with his family arrived in the Chemal district to ride horses.

“We used the services of a local resident. The family rented horses and headed along the equestrian route under the guidance of a guide. During a climb to a mountain, one of the participants in the hike left a saddle, the rider fell, his horse got scared and ran down the slope, the boy’s horse ran after her, the child could not resist and fell out of the saddle, “the circumstances of the incident were specified in the Investigative Committee.

When falling, the child caught his foot on the stirrup. As a result, the horse dragged the boy about a kilometer along the slope until the belt broke.

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