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Why and why you should not wander through the mountains and forests


5 pairs of not very good hiking shoes

What and why should you wander through the mountains and forests


The shoe industry does not stand still, and today you can find not just shoes ready for outdoor activities and trekking, but even many types of pairs for specific weather conditions, terrain and traffic intensity. But today, for a change, we decided to go on the contrary and talk about what it is better not to put on your hikes as the main pair of shoes and why.

It’s good that this time I didn’t go in flip flops! Photo:

Rubber boots

Wellingtons are indispensable helpers for those who slowly crawl through a damp forest in search of mushrooms, stand ankle-deep in water and look at a float or knead mud on a forest dance floor. If this is your trip, then you can do with boots. As for long crossings, especially in mountainous areas, then in this case your leg will constantly sweat, hang out and, as a result, will be subjected to additional stress.


Army berets

Many will argue that there are no more comfortable hiking shoes in the world than charter berets, and of course they will be right in something. Unpretentious in leaving, inexpensive, shock-resistant, fix an ankle. On the other hand, it is a serious weight, poor vapor permeability and a rough non-anatomical sole without any cushioning. Conditions, of course, are different, but in summer trips trekking boots and sneakers are more likely.


Moccasins and boatsiders

We agree, some modern models look very interesting and durable, but it is better to leave them in the city. Remember that the main difference between shoes for outdoor activities is a raised, durable sole that protects your feet, and at the same time good fixation of the ankle joint. Well, if you have an Indian-style party ahead on a trampled meadow, take moccasins as a shift.


Slates and city sandals

People who decide to go camping in slippers or city sandals do meet, but none of them do this twice. In parking lots and long halts, a weightless pair of cheap slates or sandals will really help your feet relax and allow you not to shoe every time you need to take a couple of steps around the tent. As for the hiking alternative, trekking sandals and special “holey” sneakers have been invented here for a long time. Both options are made from durable materials and with wear-resistant soles.

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