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Weekend Trekking

The nature of the Leningrad region is unique and attracts tourists from all over Russia. Just imagine: a white night, a tent, a bonfire, a smooth surface of water, a guitar, good company and delicious buckwheat with smoke. You can experience the whole indescribable atmosphere of adventure with the PIK tourist club on weekend trips.

Weekend trekking from St. Petersburg

The most ideal and favorable season for traveling in the North-West region lasts from early May to late September. And in May-June you can fully enjoy the romance of white nights.

Every weekend of summer (and periodically in the fall, winter and spring) Peak tourist club organizes: hiking, spring and summer kayaking, boat rafting, horseback riding, husky riding, cycling, climbing routes, game quests in nature, yacht trips and ship, festivals and other events. Weekend hiking from St. Petersburg is a great way to test your strength before a longer outing, to get acquainted with camping life and our tourist club. Everything here is for real: crossings with a backpack, duty on the camp kitchen, chopping wood, making a fire, spending the night in a tent.

An experienced instructor will help to cope with all the traveling difficulties. The necessary personal equipment can be obtained at the equipment rental, which works at our tourist club in St. Petersburg for different types of weekend trips or longer trips.

River Rafting

Water two-day trips (kayaking), we spend them from the beginning of May to the end of August. This is an ideal form of relaxation, for which your body will thank you very much. Sunsets of Vuoksa, romance of kayaking, swimming … A pleasant bonus to a water trip will be a pleasant pain in the muscles of the hands for guys and a bronze tan for girls.

Horse and bike rides

Horse rides and trips to husky dogs are a very popular tourist destination of our weekend hiking club in St. Petersburg. Traveling and talking with animals give a lot of positive energy, which charges seriously and for a long time.

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