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Choosing a tent for camping

1. Death Valley (Yakutia).

“Eliyu Cherkacheh”, or Death Valley – this is how the Yakuts dubbed a strange place in the vicinity of the Vilyuy river, where, according to legend, strange metal objects are hidden in the earth that are dangerous to all living things. Locals bypass this deaf area. Rare eyewitnesses say that there is a flattened arch protruding from the ground, under which there are many metal rooms, where even in the most severe frosts it is warm, like in summer. In ancient times, there were daredevils among local residents who spent the night in these rooms. But then they began to get very sick, and the one who spent the night several times even died.

In 2002, a group of students from Yakutsk made an attempt to find boilers. On the first day of their stay there, they felt a slight malaise – dizzy, overcome weakness. Deciding that the fatigue caused by the many-hour transition manifests itself, the students put up a tent and went to the river to get water, where, according to them, a mysterious structure sticking out of the ground, really resembling a metal boiler, was discovered. The size of the boiler was about 10 meters in diameter. They tried it for strength with a sharp screwdriver, an ax, a hammer, but on a matte surface, as if covered with small silver crumb, there was no scratch or dent. The guys did not find an underground structure with many rooms, which the old Yakuts spoke of. However, they noted that around the “cauldrons” huge burdocks and strange grass, which is twice as high as human height, grow that are not characteristic of those regions. Beckoning heat emanated from the “boiler” discovered by the tourists, and the guys decided to spend the night by putting up a tent next to a strange building. Throughout the entire stay in the anomalous zone, the guys tried to break off at least a piece from the edge of the boiler, so that, returning to Yakutsk, to find out its composition. But all their attempts were unsuccessful: the material turned out to be extremely solid.

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