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Duration – 12 days.

Kilometers – 60 km

Cost – $ 400

Difficulty – High

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“I left my heart in the Fan Mountains” – Yuri Vizbor sang, and for a reason. Our hike passes through the famous Fan Mountains, which even the most ardent tourists consider the most beautiful mountains in the world.

We will go hiking in the Fan Mountains, where:

we will contemplate the majestic Fans with impregnable cliffs and pointed peaks of five thousandths framed by snowy ice caps on top, marvel at the crazy and incredibly wild beauty of the lakes with turquoise water, visit the ancient Samarkand and Bukhara – real treasure cities that lie on the Great Silk Road and get acquainted with two cultures of Asia and get acquainted with two countries of Asia Uzbekistan and Tajikistan 1 day. Tashkent

Meeting at the airport in Tashkent until 10 a.m. If you did not find suitable flights, then you need to arrive a day earlier. By rented transport we move to Khujand. We pass the Uzbek-Tajik border. In Khujand, we will transfer to high-traffic vehicles and go to the Artuch alpine camp.

2 day. Chukurak Pass – Kulikolon Lake

The first day of hiking in the Fan Mountains will be difficult. From the alpine camp, we will rise to Lake Chukurak. Then we have to climb the Chukurak pass (3180 m). It offers excellent views of the entire system of Kulikolon lakes. We get down to the lakes. We put up tents on the shore of Lake Bibidzhanat.

7 km, climb 1000 m, dump 400 m

3 day. Alaudin Pass (1A)

Today we need to overcome the Alaudin pass (3730 m). After us we have a long descent down to the most beautiful lakes in the Fan Mountains. We spend the night at Alaudinsky lake.

Kilometer 9 km, vertical drop 1000 m

4 day. Muddy lake

We move up the narrow gorge to the foot of the huge peak of Chimtarg. Along the way, we do not cease to be amazed at the power and beauty of Fan. And now we have reached today’s goal – Muddy Lakes. Here we let go of the mule drivers – then we have to drag our backpacks on our backs.

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