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Forecasters report that Indian summer in the European part of Russia is over, frosts are expected at night. But I still want to go out of town with a tent. Here are some tips to reduce your risk of freezing in your sleeping bag at night.

1. Do not go to bed chilled. Before you get into a sleeping bag, do some squats, push-ups, jump – move in such a way as to warm up properly, but not to sweat.

2. If the night promises to be especially cold, eat something “energetic” before going to bed. Complex carbohydrates (cereals, pasta, bread, rice, potatoes and vegetables) are a sustainable source of energy. You can eat a special “energy bar.”

3. Always go to bed in dry and clean clothes. It is best to have a special set of clothes for sleeping. If your feet freeze, wear warm, not tight socks for the night.

4. You can pre-warm the sleeping bag: fill empty bottles with warm water, wrap them in spare clothes and put them in the sleeping bag.

5. If your sleeping bag does not have a hood, wear a hat on cold nights, because a person loses 40% of the heat through his head.

6. Do not sleep with your nose and mouth in your sleeping bag. Your breathing will make the sleeping bag wet and you will get cold.

7. Be sure to place a mat under the sleeping bag. The better you isolate yourself from the ground, the warmer you will be.

8. Before going to bed, shake the sleeping bag properly, so that the insulation straightens out and restores the thermal insulation properties.

9. Choose a sleeping bag that will be designed for a temperature 5-10 degrees lower than the one at which you are going to spend the night. For example, knowing that the temperature at night can drop to + 5 ° С, I take a sleeping bag with which the minimum temperature “Limit” is declared in the region of 0 ° С.

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