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History knows many examples of disappeared states and peoples. Most often it turns out that they never disappeared, but simply changed their name. So the USSR turned into the Russian Federation, and before that it was called the Russian Empire, and even earlier it was known to the world as the Great Tartaria.

Nikansk on the “popular” map of Semyon Remezov from the Chorographic Drawing Book of Siberia (1699).

That’s the end of the tale. It is safe to say that the territory of the former Nikan Empire was calculated correctly. It remains only to find material evidence. In part, they are, and all are presented in the same museum named after Arsenyev. Admire the quality of products. It’s not for you to scratch hieroglyphs on stones:

Yes, I understand … The motives of Chinese mythology about dragons, and all that … But will at least one expert answer what the object is behind the glass? I am sure that it is possible to explain, and I guess exactly how. Historians will say that this is a fragment of some decor from a religious building. Well, what else can they say! Only once again I emphasize the incredible quality of the product, which does not fit with the level of technology of the local population of these parts in the seventeenth, or even less in a certain century.

And the explanation of the presence of a dinosaur on the subject, the artist’s imagination, is also vague doubt, if you know that it is in this region that the famous CITY OF DRAGONS is located

Can these structures be connected with the Nikan kingdom? Well, with what else to associate it. Not with the dynasties of the Chinese emperors or the herders of Dauria and Manchuria!

Here we are clearly confronted with how history “cleans” layer by layer. Invaders who are uncomfortable with the people knowing about their ancestors and about their country, completely rewrite history, and oblivion those who themselves had already been “freed from the burden of knowledge” by previous invaders. But not a fact. It may well be that those who still remembered Great Tartary could keep the traditions of that civilization that existed before. But along with these guardians, even the prerequisites were destroyed so that we could now solve these puzzles.

But, hope, as they say, dies last. Moreover, there are still reasons for optimism. Step by step, slowly, but still we constantly manage to unwind this ball. And our enemies also give us hope that we are going the right way. Otherwise how to explain their non-childish interest in this region!

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