Krasnaya Polyana Hike to the Mountains

Tour number 2
The guy went for a walk in the mountains of Switzerland, near the village of Gimmelwald and suddenly caught himself on a terrible thought – he absolutely does not know where to go and seems to have gotten lost! Something it reminds me of …

I also went for a walk in the Krasnaya Polyana region when the lifts were closed.

Here’s what sc4s2cg roughly told:

Gimmelwald is a small settlement, quite comfortable. The village hid among the mountains. At the end of the ski season I decided to take a walk. The ski lifts were closed, so there was an option for walking. Quite a lot of time passed when I climbed some peaks. And now I have to go down, I looked at the map. The passage through which I had to go was blocked. What to do? I decided to relax a bit and then noticed him.

By the way, the cat also noticed me. He came up and sat next to him. Then he got up and went along some path. After walking a few meters, he looked around, as if checking if I was going after him?

He seemed very friendly to me. Although I am a stranger to him. Maybe he’s used to tourists? After some time, when I followed the cat, we approached the path leading to the hotel. And then the cat went about his business. And I safely returned to the hostel.

Later, when a guy shared a story on the network, some users recalled that they met a similar cat here. He went camping with some. Usually goes ahead of the whole group. Stopping as if waiting for them.

The cat really lives in a local hostel and is friendly to tourists.

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