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trekking to the Valley of Volcanoes

The Unified All-Russian Sports Classification of Routes (EBCM) defines the basic principles, requirements and technology for the classification of sports trips.

Depending on the difficulty of overcoming obstacles, the hiking area, autonomy, novelty, the length of the route and a number of other indicators characteristic of a particular type of sports tourism, trips are divided into weekend trips, non-categorical and categorical. In addition, trips are divided by type of tourism: hiking, water, mountain, skiing, cycling, automobile, motorcycle, speleo and sailing, and can also represent their combinations.

Sports trips in their complexity are divided by increasing in three degrees of difficulty – from I to III, and six categories of difficulty (r.p.) – from I to IV.

Hiking difficulty categories can be determined both in accordance with the “List of Classified Tourist Sports Routes” and related lists of local obstacles – passes, peaks, caves, and in accordance with this EBCM. When comparing with the “List …” the technical complexity, variety and nature of the obstacles in the campaign should not be lower than the classified routes of the same category of difficulty in the area.

Classification of trips by degree of difficulty is used in youth tourism.

Table 1

Degree of difficulty Hiking types Length, km Duration, days Hiking, skiing 756 – 8 Hiking in the mountains 60 Cycling120 Water 504 – 64080303 – 425

Given the specifics of youth tourism, there is no classification of trips according to the degree of difficulty for sailing, car, speleo and mountain tourism.

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