Mountain Hiking Points

For a couple of mountain hikes and for

In the city, glasses are needed for convenience in sunny weather, and sometimes just “for beauty”.

In mountain hikes, glasses are needed primarily when moving along the glacier, as the sun’s rays are reflected from the white surface and blind eyes. There is a threat of not only slight blindness from bright snow when you have to squint, but also a severe burn of the eyes. Therefore, sunglasses should be in every member of the group.

And a good goggle must meet a number of requirements:

fit tightly to the face, that is, there should not be a single gap between the face and glasses. When choosing, you need to look up, side, down, and if the light does not break through anywhere, the glasses are suitable. They are mirrored, that is, they have a good reflective surface through which UV radiation does not penetrate and a bright, lightly dark tone of the lenses. The extremely black filter dilates the pupils, which is why the eye receives all the ultraviolet light, especially with poor quality lenses.

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