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Travel instructor Maria Rassomakhina gives tips for preparing for the fall campaigns (pictured).

So, the contents of your backpack will depend on the duration of your trip. Campaigns can be divided into three categories:

One day – no overnight. This is the easiest type of hiking, but you should prepare for it wisely. Weekend trips (LDPE) – usually with one or two nights. Typically, a tourist on such trips experiences moderate loads. This is primarily due to the greater weight and volume of the backpack and the things there (compared with one-day trips). Many-day – long trips with long routes. Sometimes it is impossible to interrupt such a trip suddenly due to weather conditions or for some other reasons, so you need to prepare for it with complete seriousness and prudence.

Autumn is an unreliable season, she loves rains, cold winds and night frosts. When choosing clothes for a hike, remember: you can always take off the excess, but putting on what is left at home is impossible. Anyway, dress as if you are sure that it will be a little colder than they said in the weather forecast (within reasonable limits, of course!). The choice of suitable clothes is huge now – you can go to the market, to the sporting goods store or go to the online tourist equipment store.

The main tourist clothing is the one in which he goes his route. In the fall it is trousers and a jacket. Its task is to protect the tourist from the cold, overheating, wind and other external factors. Clothing “on the go” should be comfortable, not restricting movements and reliable. Avoid cotton and wool. These tissues absorb moisture, thereby interfering with normal thermoregulation. Modern synthetics dry many times faster.

A correctly selected jacket will prevent the tourist from freezing or getting wet. Both overcooling and overheating are dangerous to the upper body, so I advise you to pay attention to membrane jackets. The membrane is a special fabric that perfectly removes moisture, almost does not blown, but does not interfere with the evaporation of moisture from the human body. So, the tourist will feel dry even in the wettest weather. Membrane jackets and trousers are both for a warm season, and warmed for a cold time. A good membrane can replace the tourist with a regular raincoat.

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