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Going on a camping trip, for obvious reasons, it is important to take a minimum of necessary things and objects with you, and all equipment must fully meet the stated requirements. In this sense, buying tourist shoes will not be superfluous, because it is she who is comfortable and of high quality, makes it possible to move on without creating interference when walking.

Here are a few types of shoes designed for different purposes of a tourist:

Trekking shoes (sneakers) are convenient for city walks, it is also possible to make summer trips in it both in the open area and in the forest. By and large, tracking sneakers are some kind of boots – depending on the model, they can be reinforced with protection from moisture and dirt, which, accordingly, makes this option more durable. This page presents women’s and men’s tourist shoes, a variety of options that will help make the right choice. Similar in appearance, but significantly different from snowboard mountain plastic boots. Special soles are provided in their soles, due to which not only skis are fastened, but also snowshoes and cats. The top of the boot is made of impact-resistant plastic that prevents damage to the legs. It provides the foot with rigid fixation. Ease of lacing in models of this type of tourist shoes is provided by large ears or small rollers built into them. Such winter hiking shoes are often equipped with a VIBRAM sole, a kind of “gloves” for the feet of the latest generation. In their absence, the temperature comfort at the maximum level is supported by internal shoes made of insulated fabric with heat-reflecting layers.

Mountain boots made of soft materials are in many ways similar to the previous ones, however, they have their own differences, as they are used in hiking at a moderate, average temperature. These are summer tourist shoes, in connection with which, the top of the boots is made of leather or nubuck, they do not have an internal insert, although there are often models with characteristics that are much superior to the above plastic ones.

Travel shoes for special purposes.

Depending on the complexity of the terrain, not only sneakers and boots are necessary, but also snowshoes, boots, rocks and even non-cracking bots.

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