Tourism Empire Mountain Altai Reviews

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In the region of Gorny Altai, in a village on the Katun River, there is a recreation center “Tourism Empire” – one of the parts of the developed infrastructure of the village. The recreation center is located in a place where active tourism is very well developed. Due to the nature of Altai, speleological, water, horse and mountain tourism is flourishing in these places. And the recreation center itself offers comfortable and modern living conditions for lovers of relaxation in local natural conditions, but is open only in the summer. At 500 meters from the recreation center is the “Aya Nature Reserve” along with one of the warmest and quietest reservoirs – Lake Aya.


For housing, the following categories of buildings are offered: – a comfortable two-story cottage. In each room: entrance hall, bedroom (double bed, tables, benches, nightstand), toilet, shower. – comfortable one-story cottage. In the rooms: entrance hall, 2 single beds, or 1 double bed, table, benches, toilet, shower. – a two-story cottage. On the ground floor: bedrooms (2 beds), a common living room with kitchen and fridge, shared shower, toilet. On the second floor: bedroom (2 beds), furniture, kitchen, fridge, toilet, shower. – summer houses. In the rooms: 2 beds, a table. Shower, toilet – in the territory. – attics (on the 2nd floor of wooden cottages). In numbers: 2 berths, a table, chairs. Shower, toilet – on the territory. – two-story building. In the rooms: entrance hall, bedroom (2 berths), table, nightstand, chairs, TV, toilet, shower.

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