Trekking in the September Mountains

sunset campfire
5 day. Mount Arman-Kaya, the spirits of the Taurus cave- transition to the Alimova beam

In the early sunny morning, immediately after the traditional practice of yoga, pranayama and breakfast, we leave the shady Cheltyr-Koba and make the next transition with a sprightly march. Our goal today is the famous Taurus Cave, another place of power of the mountain Crimea, another of its ancient Miracles …

The road ahead is quite close, the path is comfortable, around – the fabulous beauty of the spring Crimea. What else does a person need to be happy? Unless, a company of like-minded people and a sense of shoulder comrade nearby. But with this we are all right!

Upon arrival, we find one funny detail: the entrance to the cave is high enough from the ground, in a sheer cliff. Yes, you can get into it only from above, descending on the ropes in special climbing equipment – with the help of the so-called rappel. We all have to master this technique literally on the go! Dulfer is absolutely safe, but invariably causes a lot of positive emotions in beginners. Mastering this technique allows everyone to conquer their own fears, expand consciousness with new experience and significantly increase self-esteem, once again proving to themselves: “YES, I CAN THIS!”

Taurian cave from ancient times served the priests of the mysterious Taurian people as the venue for their worship services and rituals. Here, in the echoing cool labyrinths of the cave, many generations of shamans left, like a dolmen, to end their life here. Here, as in any dolmen, their souls are still present, waiting for the revival of this vanished people, preserving for the time being the sacred wisdom of antiquity … Sometimes they also communicate with travelers, who, by the will of fate, fell into the cave, sometimes they direct them on the path, open vision, suggest the direction of further movement or warn against errors. There were cases – even in the memory of the author of these lines. One way or another, but this place should be treated with due respect and – with some caution. This is a genuine Place of Power. To feel it – you do not need to be an advanced expert, everyone feels it. And forever remembers the Taurus Cave …

After exploring the cave, we will soon climb to the top of a small nearby mountain Arman-Kaya, where we will make a small halt and dine in a picturesque forest glade, and after a short rest we will continue our way to the next parking place, our next Miracle – Alimov Balk natural boundary. After passing through a magnificent gorge, overgrown with centuries-old forest, we will climb a wide plateau with green meadows and a magnificent spring nearby. Here we will equip our camp.

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