Trekking to Mountain Ai Petri

Young Tyumen residents are invited to
Outdoor Ukraine Crimea, 3 days, 28 km. 3500 rub. Difficulty: medium. Nearest trips: we organize to order

The route begins with a visit to the Grand Canyon of Crimea (on the north side of the Main ridge of the Crimean mountains), and ends already on the south side – in Yalta. We just cross the Ai-Petri plateau (therefore, the “Pass”). On the way, we try not to miss anything interesting, namely waterfalls, caves, picturesque cliffs and viewing platforms.

Simferopol – Sokolinoye – Eagle Zalet rock – Silver stream waterfall – Grand canyon – Ai-Petri pass – Taraktash trail – Uchan-Su waterfall – Botkin trail – Glade of Fairy tales – Yalta.

1 day. Simferopol, Silver Falls, Grand Canyon (bottom view).

Group gathering in Simferopol at the station (10:00). After the distribution of products and equipment, transfer by minibus to the village of Sokolinoye (1, 5 hours). The beginning of the pedestrian part of the route.

In the place where the Boyka massif breaks off from the Main ridge of the Crimean Mountains, quite a lot of attractions are concentrated in a small area of ​​space. We will start from Serebryanny Waterfall (aka Serebryanye Streams), then cascades and Yusupovskoye Lake, and, if we have time, a viewing platform on Eagle Flight. The transitions here are small, everything is close by, but the schedule is very tight and you should not lose a minute.

In the afternoon, we will “take up” the Grand Canyon – we will go along its bottom from the Blue Lake to the Bath of Youth (those who wish can take a swim). This section of the track (1, 5 km) is an absolutely simple but very interesting obstacle course. The path jumps from coast to coast, clings to the rocks, winds between bizarre trees, and all this at the bottom of a deep 300-meter gorge.

For the night we will stand in a dense beech forest near the canyon.

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