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Duration – 10 days.

Kilometers – 70 km

Cost – $ 300

Difficulty – Medium

Departure Point: Yerevan (all day)

Arrival Place: Yerevan (after 17:00)

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Ancient Kingdom Great Armenia – the first Christian state of the planet. The Roman Empire, in the territory of which the Christian faith was born, proclaimed Christianity as its religion only after a quarter of a century. In addition to trekking in the mountains, hiking in Armenia includes visiting the famous biblical places. Mountains in Armenia are everywhere, in the country there are more than three hundred. And although the symbol of the country – the sacred mountain Ararat – was transferred to Turkey at the beginning of the 20th century, from ancient times to this day, Armenians have called their mountain, because it always “looks” at their native lands. This is true, the most beautiful panoramas of Ararat can be seen precisely from the territory of Armenia. Ready to stand the gaze of holy Ararat? Then forward, into the enchanting embrace of this ancient country.

10 days in Armenia is the most important and interesting: Yerevan is an ancient city with a long history and a famous guard on the horizon – Mount Ararat. Garni Temple is a copy of the ancient Greek Acropolis, with the cyclopean masonry of the Bronze Age preserved in the foundation. The canyon of the Azat River – a striking stone relief, created by the natural strength of the river. Vishapy is a place of power with high stone sculptures. Ascent to the Azhdahak volcano (3597 m) is the third highest point in Armenia, with views of Ararat and Aragats. Lake Sevan is one of the largest high mountain freshwater lakes of the Earth, the most popular Armenian resort. Sevanavank Monastery – one of the most picturesque corners of Armenia, with magnificent panoramas of Sevan. Echmiadzin Cathedral – a place to store bible relics: the hand of Gregory the Illuminator, the board of Noah’s Ark, the legendary Spear of Destiny, on which blood was baked Jesus Christ. Climbing to Aragats – the highest peak of Armenia. Return to Yerevan. After a hike in the mountains of Armenia – this is a completely different Yerevan :) Day 1. Yerevan

The capital of Armenia deserves close attention: this ancient city is 29 years older than Rome. In 2018, Yerevan will celebrate its 2800th anniversary. On the map, the “pink city” resembles a solar circle, from which the rays of the street diverge to the sides. If you sit on the Ferris wheel and rise above Yerevan before sunset, you can see a miracle. At some moment, the sun repaints houses from white and gray tufa in the same color and the ancient city turns pink! We check into a hostel and go for a walk along the streets of Yerevan to personally appreciate all its sights.

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