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The Ukrainian group, led by Sergey Kozinov, decided to ride a bike around the Dzungaria! The campaign of the 6th category was a success – and now we will ask the team leader a few questions!

Team: Sergey Kozinov; Yura Kasyanov; Karina Baulina; Alexander Belov; Alexander Todorov; Andrey Tarakanov

Route Thread Information

Dzungarian Alatau and Zailiysky Alatau on a bicycle. South-East of Kazakhstan. Sixth category of difficulty. Hike type: non-profit sports cycling, 6 difficulty categories – 419 km (39%) of unpaved roads and paths, as well as complete impassability, snowfields and glaciers – 640 km (61%) Total climb: 21,211 m

Route: 13th exit (Akshi) – Koktum (Lake Alakol) – ridge. Kungey – c. Zhabyk 2921 m – v. Kungey 3014 m – s. Kokmoin – r. Tentek Second – p. Ipili – Zhukzhuru city – per. Koktobe 1797 m – Lepsinsk – Topolevka – Ekiashi – p. Sarkand – Aktobe – p. Aksu – Aschybulak – Suyksay – Arasan – – Kapal – per. Kapalsky Izvoz 2420 m – p. Bark – p. Tekeshbulak – Per. Tyut 3334 m, 1A * – per. 3183 m n / a – per. Shimbulak 2306 m – per. Kyzylauz 2235 m – s. Chizhe – Tekeli – Zhetysu – Zhalgyzagash – Koksu – p. Cox – Araltobe – Per. Uygentas 2150 m – per. 1922 m – Ulkenagash – Koktal – Tashkarasu – Chunja – Charyn canyon – Kokpek – vkhr. Bartogay – Per. 2100 m – level Asy – p. Turgen – Turgen Gorge – Issyk – Avat – Novoalekseevka – Red Field – Almaty

Questions to are answered by Sergey Kozinov

– How important is it to distribute roles in the campaign and are there any participants who from year to year play the usual roles in your orchestra?

In our group, each participant can play almost any role in the campaign. Those guys who have been traveling for more than a year prefer to choose something they like, so the distribution of roles is quick and painless :)

– Bicycles in the mountains, on passes, in the snow are still exotic, even if we are trying to get used to it. What is the idea of ​​such trips for you?

Yes, the temperature contrast in this cycle trip was a success) On the plains of Kazakhstan, the sun burned us, and on the pass – a blizzard. Due to the large mileage, cycle trips combine plains and mountains, passes and valleys. Similar temperature differences were in the Andes last year, when there were severe frosts on the plateau (4800m +) at night.

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