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Combine a healthy vacation in the Altai Mountains and a modern party in the Empire!

Have you long been dreaming about relaxation, warm days and drive? So here it is – summer! Do not miss it. It waits, beckons and promises an unforgettable experience. Wondering where to go in order to break away from the city bustle and plunge into a sea of ​​pleasure and fun? We recommend a great place for active pastime in the open air – the tourist complex “Empire of Tourism” and the night club “EMPIRE”! If you have been here at least once, fall in love with this place forever! They come back here again and again to forget about everything and just relax. The complex is located along the left bank of the Katun in the forest zone of the Aya Natural Park, only half a kilometer from the unique warm mountain lake Aya. Isn’t it time for you to visit here to get a full charge of vivacity and strength?

Enchanting vacation

Would you like to plunge into the sea of ​​night drive and entertainment? Then you are definitely here! The night club “EMPIRE” is ready to energize and positively everyone who appreciates high-quality sound, modern dance music, fantastic light, harmony of nature and an excellent company of like-minded people every day! Here you are guaranteed a crazy nightly courage, and you can be sure that everything will happen just like that. An ultramodern club, which has no analogues in Siberia, annually gathers the best artists, more than 40 thousand guests, on its site, seasoning all this with the fabulous nature of Altai and a real mega-positive.

“The pride of the night club” EMPIRE “is Siberia’s largest open-air dance floor. Such big names as Swanky Tunes, Cosmo The Quick-Rich (Radio Record), All Bizare Mc Richy (Radio Record), DJ TsvetkoFF (Radio Record), DJ Riga (Dfm), MC Zhan (Radio Record), Matisse Sadko (Radio Record), DJ Baff Arwen, DJ Zapad (Moscow) Linkin (Germany), Well Done (SPB), DJ Alex Menco (Moscow), Hard Rock Sofa, Skidka will tell a lot to every lover of dance music. All of them were and will come to our scene more than once, “the club administration said.

The energy of vacationers, which blows up a huge dance floor, designed for 2, 5 thousand people, 14 kilowatts of sound, 40 “squares” of LED screens, fire and pyrotechnic shows, Go-Go dances – you should not miss this! Add to this a pleasant night’s coolness, stars, moonlight and clean air. It remains to relax and enjoy, which is just the sea!

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