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There is another mountainous region that does not belong to the classical ones. These are the Trialeti Range, the Meskheti Range and the Adjarian Mountains. This is quite a mountain, with heights of up to 2000 and above, but without its highlanders and without its own special culture. On the Meskhetian ridge there is a Borjomi national park with paved trails, kepings and other useful infrastructure.

Non-classic mountains

Beshumi ResortGreen LakeMeskheti RangeJavakheti Highlands

In terms of tourism, the most iconic place is Upper Svaneti, Tushetia is a little less popular, and Khevsuretiya is even less popular. In the summer there is a very dense flow of tourists to the Kazbegi region – they go there to photograph Mount Kazbek or climb it. It is of course influenced by the fact that Tbilisi is nearby, there is a highway and minibuses, it takes only five hours to get there.

Pshavi, Lechkhumi and Lower Svaneti are hardly known to tourists, and Racha is not seriously considered for the mountains, it is perceived simply as a resort.


If you want to hike along the glaciers, the easiest solution is the surroundings of Kazbek. It is close and convenient, although there are not very many glaciers there. Most of this business in Svaneti is the Ushba, Tetnuldi and Shkhara glaciers. There are few glaciers in Tusheti and they are very difficult to reach. Tusheti is not about them. Khevsuretiya is also not a glacial region.


The Georgian mountains are interesting for their lakes. This is a kind of reason to go to the mountains. Many trekking ropes are laid precisely to the lakes. The Kelitsad lake near the Cross Pass is considered the highest mountain, but it is difficult to get there. Abudelaur Lakes (2815) are located a little lower, where tourists go up quite often. The Black Rocks Lake is located even lower on the territory of the Lagodekhsky Reserve – they go there in the format of a three-day trekking. The Tobarchhila Lake in Megrelia enjoys great fame. Also known are Green Lake in Adjara, Lake Tabatskuri on the Javakheti Plateau and, finally, Lake Paravani, which you can come to just by car.

Separately, one can mention the numerous tiny ponds scattered along the Samsar ridge at an altitude of about 2200 meters from sea level.

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