Hike to the Mountains August 14, Almaty 2016

Pass Pass (Almaty)

PHOTO: provided by the participants of the campit.kz project

Fresh air, mountain landscapes and a pleasant company – here it is, the formula for an ideal weekend. This is exactly the opinion not only of Almaty residents, but also guests of the megalopolis from different countries of the world, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

In recent years, mountain tourism has been rapidly developing in Almaty, climbing clubs are being opened, young people are uniting for joint hiking. One of such associations is campit.kz, the organizers of which note that if earlier boys and girls spent their leisure time in the city, today they choose mountains. The main problem between the youth of Almaty and the mountains was the lack of company or lack of knowledge of the hiking routes, but with the advent of associations, the problem was resolved. Despite the fact that the community has existed for less than a year, they already have something to brag about.

“Initially, the three of us went camping – me, and my friends Sultan and Yerzhan. They conquered the peaks, explored new routes. Photo reports were uploaded to social networks, so they began to learn about us. First, friends wrote to us asking them to take them with them. After the activity began and from strangers who want to visit the mountains. So we decided to make hiking accessible to all comers. We created a website, an Instagram page, developed a logo and began to publish weekly posts with a meeting place and all the information. Honestly, we were shocked when more than 100 people came on a trip to Kok Zhailau in the fall of 2015! I want to note that our trips are absolutely free and anyone can come, ”says Denis Lukyanchuk, one of the founders of the community.

It is worth emphasizing that the Big Almaty peak, the height of which is 3680 meters, is considered the highest conquered peak of the youth association. “And this is just the beginning!”, The guys admit.

“I learned about the fact that people unite for hiking in the mountains from my friend and immediately decided to join. I come from America, now I am practicing in one of the banks of Almaty. I’ve been to the mountains many times before, but the Almaty mountains are especially charming, ”said one of the participants in the Ainsley McNirni project.

Another follower of the movement came from Austria to Almaty to study. At home, she was also fond of trekking (hiking – approx. Ed.).

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