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Type: Hiking routes Thread: Barnaul – Tungur – Akkem river – Lake of Mountain Spirits – Valley of Seven Lakes – Kara-Turek pass – Kucherlinskoe lake – Tungur – Barnaul Duration: 14 days Length: 160 km About the trek: We will walk along the Roerich’s protected trails, to the foot of the ancient Belukha. Fresh air, alpine meadows, snowy peaks, mountain rivers and waterfalls. Mirror surface of lakes and deep starry sky. Two weeks without civilization. Attention! The campaign is not easy – it is highly recommended not to choose it as the first!

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Type: Hiking routes Thread: Barnaul – Multa – pos. Maralnik – Lake Akchan – per. Kuiguk – Lake Kuiguk – Lake Nizhnemultinskoe – Lake Srednemultinskoe – the merger of Mult and Transverse – pos. Maralnik – Multa – Barnaul Duration: 12 days Length: 140 km About the trip: Multinskie lakes – a picturesque lake cascade in Altai. They are connected by the Multa River, a tributary of the famous Katun. Luxurious mountain panoramas at an altitude of 2 thousand meters. Local beauties attract tourists from various regions of the country.

The cascade consists of seven mountain lakes. The largest and most beautiful is Upper Multinskoe Lake. The water surface is gracefully inscribed in the mountain valley in the form of an ellipse. The maximum depth is almost 50 meters. The water is crystal clear. However, not everyone decides to swim in the lake, even at the height of summer the water seems to be burning cold.

Hiking to Multinsky lakes go to enjoy postcard views of glaciers and mountain peaks sparkling with snow-white hats in the sun. The source for the Upper Lake immediately serve 11 streams. Some of them form graceful waterfalls. The most impressive comes down from a height of over 60 meters! This sight is worth seeing with your own eyes!

The total duration of the trip is 12 days. During this time, you will pass 140 km along the trails of the Katunsky Reserve and see for yourself that Altai is the best place in Russia for outdoor activities. The first and final days will be spent on moving. From Barnaul to get to the starting point – the village of Maralnik. The rest of the days are on foot. Every day you have to overcome about 14 km.

At the beginning of the trip, you will appreciate how delicious tea made from spring water is and enjoy the clean mountain air. The route was laid along the Altai taiga along the Mult River. You have to storm the passes, climb the grass and spend the night on the shores of lakes. There will be an opportunity to take a steam bath in the jaeger cordon! The list of scenic spots: Lake Akchan, Kuiguk Falls, as well as “Noises” – a powerful channel between the Middle and Lower Multinsky Lakes. The name speaks for itself!

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