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SHAVLINSKY LAKES – MAJOUS – KARAKABAK (a guide from Clever Rabbit)

THIS GUIDE IS NEEDED FOR YOU IF … … you want to plan a tourist route yourself. … you understand that reading tourist reports does not provide enough information about the route, its features and attractions. … you want to visit everything that is worthy of attention in your trip to the Shavlinsky lakes .

Of course, the main reader of the guide is an amateur tourist, although perhaps this material will be useful for a guide-instructor who leads organized groups.

The guide is based on the personal experience of the author. Perhaps my opinion on some issues regarding the route does not coincide with the opinion of experienced tourists. Well, with pleasure I will get acquainted with their comments and remarks. And I will try to answer the questions raised by readers.

The guide also contains some useful tips. I focus on a novice tourist with minimal knowledge and skills. Therefore, I explain some elementary things and even give some instructive examples of my own mistakes and failures.

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