Hiking in the Caucasus Mountains in September

and mountains - Svaneti, September

A unique equestrian route to the mountain peaks of the Fisht massif on the territory of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve, in the western part of the Main Caucasian Range.

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The Fisht mountain range is located in the western part of the Main Caucasus Range. Three peaks form it: Fisht (2853, 9 m), Psheho-Su (2743 m) and Oshten (2804 m).

In this equestrian trip, maximum pleasure will be given to someone who is ready for unique adventures and a completely different, non-urban, reality. This is a real rest and joy for the human soul, which you can’t buy for any money.

1 day

Horse trips to Fisht, as a rule, we start on Saturday early in the morning. Therefore, you need to arrive in Dagomys in advance: the day before the trip, on Friday, in the afternoon. Meeting, hotel accommodation, overnight.

2 day

Meeting in the morning at the hotel at 7-8 hours. From Dagomys by car, the group arrives at our horse base in the village of Baranovka, from where the horse trek starts (5 minutes drive). Acquaintance with horses, safety briefing, saddle. Start of horse transition to the mountain village of Babuk-Aul (5-6 hours in the saddle – about 20 km.). Halt. Dinner and overnight. There is water (tap, clean, spring), the food is cooked on gas burners and at the stake.

3 day

Morning – transition from Babuk Aul to the Fisht massif (about 4 hours in the saddle). Rest and lunch in booths on the Cherkessky pass. The rest of the way along the Fisht mountain range is to the Fisht tourist shelter. Accommodation, dinner.

4 day

Our horses need a rest. Therefore, we devote the day to walking tours to choose from: to the small Fishtinsky glacier, the “Crystal” mountain (where you can find fragments of rock crystal), to the spring of Hasan (with healing clear mountain water), the conquest of the mountains of Mauritius, small Fisht. Lunch during a walking tour – lunch ration. Upon return, dinner.

5 day

Breakfast. Horse excursions (3-4 hours in the saddle) with a visit (optionally) to Lake Huko, Lake Psenoda, Mount Oshten and other natural sites and attractions. Lunch during the tour – lunch ration. Swimming in the mountain lakes. Return to the booths to the Cherkessky pass. Dinner.

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