Hiking on Mount Belukha

Night at a height of 4 meters

Types: Hiking, Mountain, Summer, Climbing, Difficult trekking, Participants with experience, 11-14 days

How to get there By plane or by train to Barnaul, then all together by road to the village of Tyungur. The dates of the planned trips are indicated without a train or plane. Time in Altai +4 hours to Moscow time.

It is recommended to come to Barnaul the day before the start of the trip to the peak of Belukha to distribute public equipment, the last meeting with the benefits of civilization and rest after the road. The Moscow-Barnaul train arrives in the morning, and after two days on the road, getting into transport to Tyungur immediately is tiring. The same is recommended for those traveling by plane. From the railway station in Barnaul to the familiar Tourist Hotel – a 20-minute walk, the rooms are inexpensive (prices on the hotel’s website:)

The deadline for staying in Barnaul is before 8 a.m. local time on the first day of the trip and the upcoming ascent to Belukha. On the final day of the trip, departure / departure from Barnaul can be planned starting from 22 hours.

Campaign Coordinator – Maria Bushlya

Program description

Day 1

We meet in Barnaul, near the hotel “Tourist”. Transfer from Barnaul to the village of Tungur. On the way, 735 km, about 12-14 hours, including stops, there will be several cafes. In Tungur – dinner, setting up a camp, we spend the night in tents on the campsite.

Moving to Tungur on the first day and returning from it to the final day are included in the price of the program!

Day 2

We have breakfast, collect the camp. Extra items from backpacks can and should be left in storage at the base. They can be picked up upon return.

The beginning of the hiking part at 860 meters above sea level. On backpacks distributed general equipment, products for the first part of the campaign. The second products are delivered by helicopter to the middle of the route. Then we pick them up at the climbing base on Lake Akkem.

Transport light, backpacks to the first mountain parking brings motor vehicles. We go through the Kuzuyak pass (1513 meters) to the “Three Birch” parking lot (1080 meters). The transition will be 16 kilometers, but it will not be difficult.

Day 3

We go along the Ak-Kem river, the path is sometimes rocky, difficult. Parking at an altitude of 1,500 meters near the Tekelu waterfall. Crossing 14 kilometers. In the afternoon, a view of Belukha opens if there are no clouds.

Day 4

Small transition to Lake Akkem at a height of 2000 meters. Rest, swimming is possible (the water is very cold!).

Installation of tents at the base. There is a cafe, a bathhouse, a toilet, electricity in the evenings, for a fee – Internet access, Skype, the ability to make calls using satellite phones.

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