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Outdoor Ukraine On a hike, people more often complain about a heavy backpack than a lack of things. It’s better to leave at home all the excess and half that you need :). Remember that in addition to things, you still need to carry food, a sleeping bag and a tent!

This list was compiled with an “eye” primarily on summer trips around the Crimea. Those. if you are going to the Crimea in spring or autumn, you should take a little more warm clothes (a warm hat, gloves, a lined jacket, fleece socks), a warmer sleeping bag, a more reliable raincoat.

List of items and equipment

To begin with, a short list where the main items of equipment and clothes are sorted into 4 categories:

mandatory – it should be recommended for everyone – I advise you to have it with you, but do not insist – optional – something you can do fine with, but if you really want to … unnecessary – leave it at home or in the locker room at the train station to the tent trekking sticks mosquito repellent photo camera tripod handle pincer tick remoids, dried fruits, sweets, books, small mini first-aid kit photo camera shampoo sleeping bag shorts mp3 player cosmetics raincoat tooth brush oporkrossovkichehol on ryukzakkartagorelkasportivnye shtanymusornye paketymiskasolnechnaya batareyalegkaya jacket-vetrovkatualetnaya bumagaperchatkistulchiksviter or flissolntsezaschitny kremplavki or kupalnikpodushkashirokopolaya panamkagitarakrupy and konservyfutbolka of sintetikituristicheskaya sidushkakoteloknoskispichkimylnitsaplastikovaya butylkazapasnaya futbolkaohotnichy nozhfonarikperochinny nozhikvilkakruzhka and lozhkatermobeleodezhda for poezdamobilny telefonsandaliibahily or gamashidengiteplaya shapkanepromokaemye shtanyp sportRyukzak

The optimal volume of a men’s backpack is about 80 liters. A female backpack should be about 60 liters. Do not think that having bought a small backpack, you will facilitate it. This will only add to your problems with packing. The backpack should be large, but there may be few things in it. By the way, absolutely all of your things should fit inside the backpack. When hanging anything from the outside, you risk losing or tearing it on the bushes. The mat attached to the side of the backpack will quickly become “shaggy.” For participants of our Crimean campaigns there is a rental of backpacks.


If you already have a tent, be sure to write to us about its characteristics (capacity, weight). If you are just going to buy a tent, I recommend paying attention to new light tents (1-2 kilograms instead of traditional 3-4). You can rent a tent.

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