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During the day, the organization of the following meals is necessary: ​​breakfast, lunch (full, with soup), afternoon tea, dinner. Lunch with soup can be organized every other day. Sweets need a variety. Each species must have subspecies. Tea, too, diversify. But take into account the effects of tea. Yes, and in general, from any products effects (well, for example, peas). When you buy food, do not succumb to persuasion! Type: “Well, why do we need dried cherries! Let’s take raisins instead! ” And raisins are in the snacks. And THEY do not even imagine how tired they are of them !!! So search for overseas eggplant in THEIR interests. Try local food. For example, in Italy we bought pasta. But what about! Italy after all! But you may have difficulty finding some products in stores (here in Russia, buckwheat is everywhere, but in Europe it is practically not sold). First, look at the assortment there. It is better to pack products at home. Buy 100 pieces of bags. And fill them with food. It is very convenient for each meal to create a bag for each tent. It is extremely comfortable when the tents are autonomous in terms of food. Note: since there are restrictions on the transport of foodstuffs across the state border (it is forbidden to import products containing animal protein into European countries), then the packaging of products should be carried out at the hotel. Therefore, bring in assistants in other tents. They will know what and when the group is eating. They can change the menu at their discretion or the opinion of all those living in the tent. Be carefull! Of course, listen to the group’s opinion, but don’t shake the menu much during the campaign. The group does not know that you have pleasant edible surprises …

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