Mountain Day Trekking

Mountain day trip

I will try here to talk about what you need to take with you on a day trip. And I will also tell why this or that subject. And of course, when you go camping, take a good mood with you!

I will tell you how to walk correctly, the subtleties and secrets of the mountains.

So what to take with you (clothes only not black):

a headdress – preferably with wide brim + I take a h-bandana t-shirt. – you can 2 pcs. – comfortable pants hb -Two pairs of socks-comfortable shoes (non-slip, with a high top) – just not slippers, slates, etc.! – a comfortable backpack with 2 straps – see the video first-aid kit (a means of temperature, burns (as an option, lifeguard ), from diarrhea, adhesive plaster, bandage, antiseptic, napkins or toilet paper) -tracking sticks-knife-larikvoda 2 liters-food (it is better to take something light, not meat – what I take: bananas, tomatoes, cucumbers, nuts, bread), if there is a good halt and I’m not alone, then you can also take a pot with you (then I also take packaged soup + a little shallow isheli). I make tea from mountain herbs. Water from the spring.

Be sure to tell someone where you are going and approximately what route!

Further in my videos:

And if you met a snake, what to do if you got lost; How to boil water in a plastic bottle (we did this already in the children’s camp). What knife to take and how to choose the right knives.

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