Mountain Hiking Preparation

Preparing for a hike in the mountains

We have already discussed enough what equipment a beginner needs on a mountain hike. Now let’s talk a little about another, no less important component of preparation for the first hike – psychological.

Many, preparing for a hike, think that the most important thing is to buy the necessary equipment and, perhaps, slightly tighten their physical shape. But, there is another very important point, which gradually takes the first place during the trip, putting the physical preparation of tourists and their equipment in the background. We are talking about the psychological climate in the group. Of course, if you come across a competent instructor, he will try to do everything so that, just yesterday, completely strangers, in a couple of weeks become one team. But the instructor is not the Lord God! Here a lot still depends on what the tourists gathered in the group are like. Going to such an event, you need to seriously think about one thing – how much are you ready to live more than two weeks in a closed team, sometimes very different people. After all, it’s not at all a fact that interesting sociable people, close to your age, and close to you in intellect and interests, will gather in the group. In this case, are you ready to forget about your beloved for some time and try to start living in the interests of these people? If EVERY member of the group can positively answer this question, the atmosphere in the group will be great. In this regard, let me give you some tips to help you avoid the mistakes of many beginner tourists: 1. From the first day you meet your future friends, try to restrain your natural desire to become a leader. Leadership in a group has never come on its own – just from clever words and cheap show-offs. It’s always fun to watch from the side, as in a newly assembled group, some just start to climb out of their skin, just to attract attention and show their significance, but … The mountains will quickly put everything in its place, and literally in a couple of days it will be clear – who is really worth what. 2. Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know” and “I don’t know how to.” You often have to watch a newcomer who is afraid to say these simple words (well, authority and rating will immediately fall !!!) boldly grabs for the first time in life for chopping wood, laying a backpack, making a campfire, setting up a tent, cooking food, etc. As a result, instead of maintaining his reputation, he simply becomes the object of jokes (and good, if good). But do you need this? Therefore, never be afraid to admit that you are a “teapot” (there is nothing wrong with this – everyone started from this) and go for advice to a more experienced person. Believe me, your authority in the group will not fall from this at all. And certainly, this will not be an indicator of your weakness. 3. If you can barely trudge under a heavy backpack in the tail of the group, cursing everything in the world, you do not need to think that someone is to blame for this (group, instructor, weather, etc.). And if during a difficult day, except for you and a couple of the same “tourists”, no one else in the group whines or whines, this does not mean that everyone is easy. Just learn to endure! 4. Try one simple thing during the trip – imagine that at the moment you’re sitting next to a bonfire not a completely alien person (with whom you may leave forever after the trip), but a brother or sister. You will see how your attitude and attitude towards your people will immediately change. First, force yourself a little (if necessary), but very quickly you will get used to thinking about others as your relatives, and accordingly you will behave with them. 5. Men – you don’t need to surprise and conquer your teammates with “unusual” and “heroic” stories that supposedly happened to you. This works well only on young enthusiastic girls and yesterday’s schoolchildren, who, as a rule, are not so many in a group. But to expose oneself to the general ridicule – the risk is more than likely. After all, it is quite possible that a person who is truly an expert in this field, or who participated in these events, will be nearby. Can you imagine how you will look with your “fairy tales”? 6. Men – do you want to know one of the parameters by which it is determined at first glance that you have a completely dead “teapot”? It’s very simple – he is dressed up in military clothes from head to toe. Moreover, even the frantic heat during an easy walk, when all in the same shorts and bathing suits, will never force him to take off all these stray. Because – Nizya-I-I …! The tough Maine image may suffer. :)))) On the very first day of the trip, you grab such an eye, and then you don’t get surprised when you suddenly find out that he can go under the backpack only at the speed of a dying turtle, constantly braking the whole group. Take the word – tourism, this is the place where people are not even met “by clothes” (or “by equipment”), but they are escorted, especially. :) 7. Young virgins and more mature madams – I understand that you can’t trample against nature, but … Frank shooting with eyes and undisguised flirtation can attract only married “bachelors” who have been freed and always anxious youngsters of primary school age. Is this your goal? A hike is such a thing that EVERYTHING is always in sight. Believe me – none of you will be left without attention. And for this it is absolutely not necessary to waste your magical energy, causing unhealthy excitement among the male part of the group, and irritation – among the female. Even if the habit of captivating and conquering male hearts was born with you. . Male tourists – if one of you has the main life slogan “Play Harmon”, then this is not a reason to think that everyone will be in solidarity with you. There is a good life rule – “Sex, not a reason to get to know”. From here follows the counter-rule – “Any acquaintance, not a reason for sex.” Therefore, it is absolutely not necessary that having a pretty neighbor next night will have some kind of “tasty” continuation. There are two main reasons: – after a difficult day, most men’s Dummies “dreams of only one thing – to lie quietly in your own sleeping bag, and … so that no one bothers – most likely it will happen that your neighbor has completely different views on tourism, rest in a tent, the neighborhood of a stranger (and at the same time on your relatives to the third knee). Therefore, the less before the trip you will bother yourself with voluptuous fantasies, the less disappointment you will expect in the future. 9. Constant disputes with the instructor (like, I know everything without him) is an indicator not of your experience and steepness, but of your stupidity. It’s always fun to watch how such “wise guys” behave when the real extreme begins. Wherever the whole ambition disappears – in a nutshell, all the instructor’s instructions catch literally on the fly (if only I would like to live)! If, however, the desire to show your steepness is absolutely irresistible, then you can do the following – in response to the instructor’s advice, just do everything according to -to your own (you can even diametrically opposite). Oddly enough, sometimes it even does without injuries. :)))))) 10. If you are going on a camping trip for the second time (or even scary to say the third time !!), and you have become a terribly experienced tourist, you still do not need to pester the instructor with various tips and tricks. Of course, most instructors treat this with humor or philosophical, but … and sometimes they can not stand the nerves in such situations. And in response to his next advice (how to make a fire, where to put up a tent, where to go, etc.) it is likely that you can hear specific target designation for your further movement (and what to do there). :))))) I do not think that this will greatly add to your positive emotions. 11. Gentlemen, photographers – try to understand one simple thing – there is no such frame that is worth a good relationship with you. Try to immediately tune in to the fact that by no means ALWAYS you will have the opportunity to shoot EVERYTHING you want. When you go with a group, you need to understand that EVERYONE has equal rights with you, and no one should sacrifice anything for the sake of personally doing what you This is an interesting shot. I don’t think that the group will be delighted if it constantly sits and waits until you catch the butterfly you want to catch, or wait for the combination of sun and clouds you need. There are tremendous opportunities for getting great shots on the campaign. 12. Couples in love – tourism, this is not an event that people go to who want to constantly indulge in love joys. If you suddenly have a “honeymoon”, and you just can’t stick for a long time from each other, and you really want exotic ones, then it’s best to choose a camp site for this lesson. On the one hand, just like on a hike, you will be able to diversify your communication with contemplation of mountain beauties, and on the other, your constant hugging and kissing will not be so striking as it usually happens in a small isolated team. Yes, and for each other you will have more mountain-a-a-azdo more at your camp site. 13. The physical health of future tourists also directly affects the psychological climate in the group. With the advent of the era of commercial tourism, almost none of the organizers of the campaigns are worrying about checking the health of their future customers (as they say – If only they paid money). As a result, people with very poor health and sometimes outright people with disabilities began to go to the mountains in droves (I had 5 of them last summer in two groups) .Therefore, when going on a trip, once again weigh your physical abilities very soberly. Of course, no one will let you die there, but you can safely forget about the pleasure of the hike. Remember – a hike in the mountains is a VERY big physical load! If your health allows you to drag a heavy backpack in the mountains in the heat or rain for days, then go ahead! If in doubt, it is best to abstain. And summarizing all of the above, I want to once again say something that all future tourists need to remember constantly: Tourism, this is a collective event. It is very difficult for egoists, narcissistic “daffodils” and people who love solitude. (Let me remind you that in this case we are talking about preparing for a campaign as part of a planning group (15-20 people) assembled from strangers from all over the country). To the author 5+

camouflage in the campaign should not be worn because of its not catchy appearance. it’s much easier to search, God forbid, for a lost person in bright ammunition – a red jacket or an orange panama. but a home-grown Rimbaud or an alpha male in the most courageous “rustle” can not be seen not only from a helicopter (in a very bad situation), but also from a distance of 30 meters. judge for yourself – the leading manufacturers of backpacks for tracking sew bright, with backpacks unnatural in nature color. I do not think this is an accident. minus the “khaki” and the fact that sweating or getting wet in the rain, you have to dry for a long time. that you can’t say about synthetics. that’s why, Igor, the same instructor and walks in tracksuits :) the article is good, the author is well done. I would include in it information about the negative attitude of the group towards smokers and the inconvenience of the campaign resulting from this addiction.

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