Mountain Trekking In Winter

In the rays of the moon you go out into the mountains

1 day. from. Business – r. White Stream – lvl Downplay

The meeting of the group takes place at the station in Ivano-Frankivsk. We go by bus to Transcarpathia, to the village of Delovoye. Our route passes along the state border, so we draw up a permit to stay in the border zone. Having completed the organizational procedures, we are ready to go on a winter hike in the direction of Pop-Ivan. We go upstream of the White Stream to the Obnizh tract. We spend the night in the forester’s house.

Kilometer: 9 km – climb 550 m – overnight at an altitude of 900 m.

2. Day. floor. Lysycha – sex. Kvassnoy – Berlebashka city (1733 m)

We pass the beech forest, rise higher. Now we are surrounded by a darker coniferous forest. Having gone to the mountain meadow (as the treeless section of the upper belt of the Ukrainian Carpathians, used as a pasture and for haying) is called Lysycha, we enjoy a bewitching view of the Marmarosh Range. We continue the path and reach the Kvassnaya mountain valley. Here we find a hut, leave things and lightly climb radially up Mount Berlebashka – cone-shaped, with steep slopes, especially the south. From here you can enjoy the panorama of the mountains of Pop Ivan Montenegrin (Ukraine), Ferkeu (Romania) and the massive Montenegrin ridge. Snow-capped peaks and slopes, rocky ledges enchant with its harsh beauty. We get down to the hut and rest, gain strength.

Kilometer: 10 km – climb 830 m – overnight at an altitude of 1450 m.

3. Day. Radial ascent to Pop Ivan Marmaroshsky (1937 m)

Through the Lysych valley, we rush up the northern slope to Mount Pop Ivan. From its top, a spectacular panorama of the Romanian Carpathians will open for us, including the Rodna (Rodnyansky Alps). We will also see the highest point of the Eastern Carpathians – Mount Petrosul (2303 m). We return to the hut in the Kvasnaya valley.

Kilometer: 8 km – climb 500 m – overnight at an altitude of 1450 m.

4. Day. Mount Petros (1780 m) – s. Crutch

In the morning we climb Mount Petros (Petrosul) Marmaroshsky, the Ukrainian Carpathians, in the massif Hutsul Alps (Rakhiv Mountains). The slopes are very steep with rocky cliffs. We have views of the Gorgany mountain range system and the Svidovets mountain range, which extends in a huge arc from the southeast to northwest. We get down to Berlebashka meadow, then down – along the forest road to the village. Crutch. We load things into our waiting bus and leave for Ivano-Frankivsk, where we will arrive at about 17:00. On this trip to Marmarosh ends. Keep the memories of him.

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