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How not to ruin a trip because of shoes? Unfortunately, universal boots for mountain climbing and active tourism have not yet been created. For each type of tourism, it is worth choosing special women’s tourist shoes. If you are going on a simple one-day hike, then women’s sneakers for flat terrain with slight differences in elevation in dry weather will suit you. In the summer, women’s hiking shoes, as well as women’s tourist sandals. In winter – women’s hiking shoes, as well as women’s boots. For long hikes, women’s trekking shoes will suit you. High tourist sneakers for winter and summer women’s shoes, to protect your feet from external factors. All trekking women’s boots are carefully developed in our laboratories, and the material chosen for it guarantees excellent grip on any surface. When traction with soft or hard ground – the sole does not allow the foot to slip on dry or wet soil. For technically challenging routes and regular use, lightweight hiking boots with a waterproof, breathable Novadry membrane will suit you. It protects your feet from getting wet and fixes your foot, thereby protecting against dislocations and sprains in the most extreme conditions. We also recommend that you visit the shoe accessories section, where you can choose shoe care products and hiking socks. [Women’s hiking shoes]

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