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How to choose the size of tracking boots when buying?

The right choice of shoes for hiking in the mountains is the most important thing, because with shoes you will interact constantly throughout the day. Incorrectly sized can ruin your impression of a trip. Comfortably sitting shoes allow you to easily make long transitions and get more pleasure from the trip. Here are some tips for trying on new shoes.

Ideally, to buy new shoes you should consult a consultant in a specialized store or department. He will give you good advice and offer a wide selection of different models in different sizes.

Legs swell slightly in the evening and become slightly larger in size than in the morning, so it is better to go to the store for new shoes in the afternoon. It should also be noted that there are different models aimed at different terrain (high mountain climbing, average trekking, etc.). So, we immediately determine the necessary ruler, then proceed to the fitting itself.

Fitting shoes

Arriving at the store, do not insist on your usual size. Try other sizes too! Choose shoes in which, even before lacing, the tips of the fingers do not touch the inside of the shoes, while guiding yourself to start with a size that is larger than your actual size by one (so as not to go over all sizes in a row). If in doubt, buy a little more boots – this will allow you to wear thicker socks (especially important for winter), thereby compensating for the extra width of the boot. For winter, you can try to pick up shoes 2 sizes larger.

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