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The Children’s Tourism Empire has been specializing in children’s recreation in the Altai Mountains for over seven years.

The recreation center of the same name is located in a surprisingly beautiful place, as if descended from the pages of fairy tales – in a distant mountainous country, eight kilometers from the picturesque lake Aya.

Here, the mountain air, sports and fitness facilities, a swimming pool, exciting daily programs and discos, various excursions, games and much, much more await the children. Such a program is ideal for a complete children’s vacation. Plus, it is aimed at developing a child’s personality, implementing his ideas and capabilities, as well as cognitive activities. Young travelers make new friends while developing sociability.

Note that the “Children’s Tourism Empire” complies with all the requirements of regulatory and legislative acts. Highly qualified young teachers who take specialized courses and trainings in game engineering, acting, safety engineering, psychology, first aid and other specialties necessary for working in the camp are engaged in children.

The Children’s Tourism Empire is constantly expanding its field of activity, offering “young customers” more and more new trips.

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